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Blue Skies
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Air Signs: Aerial Pulse

The "Aerial Pulse" costume, inspired by the Air element of the zodiac, captures the light and breezy essence of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. With a palette of airy blues and whites, this captures the qualities of adaptability and intellect associated with Air signs. The costume features flowing fabrics and ethereal designs that evoke a sense of movement and freedom, symbolizing the unrestricted nature of the air. "Aerial Pulse" is a captivating celebration of the intellectual and dynamic spirit of Air signs.

 €220 - €262

Or select our instalment plan option starting at €170

Costume Package Includes


>>>>> Rhinestone Chain Headband <<<<<<

>>>>> Small Back piece <<<<<<
>>>>> Choices: White Bikini or

Bring your own Swimwear to design<<<<<<
>>>>> 2x Arm & Leg pieces <<<<<<

>>>>> Waist belt <<<<<<
>>>>> Make Up Artist Option <<<<<<
>>>>> Backpack/Goodie Bag <<<<<<
>>>>> Snacks before parade <<<<<<
>>>>> Catered Drinks (alcoholic & Non)

and Snacks on the road <<<<<<
>>>>> Choreographed Dance Routine <<<<<<
>>>>> SocaSize Session <<<<<<

>>>>> Barricaded rope from outside intervention <<<<<<
>>>>> Great Speaker System <<<<<<

>>>>> Photographers and Videographers <<<<<<

>>>>> Plate of Caribbean Food After Parade <<<<<<
 Automatically registered for

the SIU goes NottingHill Carnival 2024 <<<<<<
>>>>> International Djs and Performers <<<<<<
Security During Parade <<<<<<


+++++MUCH MORE!!!

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