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Indulge your artistic spirit and join Small Island Unity as our Creative Co-ordinator, where imagination is the brush that paints the canvas of cultural expression. This pivotal role invites you to infuse life into our creative ventures, turning concepts into tangible, awe-inspiring experiences.

As the Creative Co-ordinator, you will be at the epicenter of our artistic endeavors, overseeing the entire creative process from inception to execution. Your canvas extends beyond traditional borders, touching the realms of fashion, cultural celebration, and community engagement. This is not just a role; it's an artistic journey that transcends boundaries.


  • Ability to lead and motivate a team 

  • Must be a team player with a positive attitude

  • Time management skills 

  • Creative and imaginative

  • Culturally aware

  • Knowledge and/or basic understanding of Microsoft office

  • Basic knowledge of google drive

  • Goal-oriented 

  • Patient

  • Ability to work under pressure 

  • Eye for detail 

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Great interpersonal abilities

  • Must possess good leadership qualities at all times

  • Must have good organizational, analytical, and coordinating abilities

  • Excellent problem-solving abilities

  • Must be able to prioritize tasks in the face of many challenges


  • Creativity and Artistic Skills

  • Problem-solving

  • Attention to Detail

  • Leadership and Motivation

  • Budget Management

  • Reliability and Deadline Adherence

  • Time Management

  • Adaptability

  • Multitasking

  • Communication

  • Knowledge of Sewing and Fabrics

Education / Experience

  • MBO Degree or higher

  • Knowledge/experience Caribbean Carnivals

  • A degree or relevant experience in fashion or creative fields is a plus+

Language Requirements

  • While multilingual proficiency is advantageous, a deep understanding of the language of creativity is paramount.


  • Strategic Planning: Strategically coordinate and schedule department meetings and tasks.

  • Prototyping Excellence: Replicate prototypes for models in photoshoots, ensuring the visual harmony of each piece.

  • Backstage Management: Dive into the backstage world, assisting in dressing, makeup, costume fitting, and final adjustments before the grand reveal.

  • Promotional Leadership: Steer promotional activities, driving costume sales, and creating a buzz around SIU events, volunteers, and sponsorships.

  • Costume Production Oversight: Bring your artistic touch to the production of costumes, contributing to their visual appeal.

  • Inventory Management: Play a crucial role in maintaining the inventory's heartbeat through regular checks, counts, and restocking.

  • Deadline Adherence: Navigate the complexities of time, ensuring that every artistic endeavor meets its deadline with flair.

  • Package Coordination: Assemble costume packages, curating an experience for every participant during scheduled pickups.

  • Registry Maintenance: Update the registry, ensuring that each registered costume member is accounted for.

  • Execution Oversight: Verify execution plans and mas camp schedules, ensuring seamless implementation.

  • Assignment Sheet Management: Keep the assignment sheet meticulously updated, serving as a guide for the entire creative journey.

Pay range

  • Volunteer

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