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Kids Club

Leading the next generation of the Small Island Unity Foundation! 

You will be leading a children’s club team to create a professional and safe environment in which to deliver a kid's club programme. Developing and coordinating the delivery of Kid’s club activities according to agreed foundation’s  standards, polices and procedures.


  • Basic medical training for kids

  • No prior illegal activities (V.O.G)

  • Creative and outside the box thinking 

  • Patience

  • Goal-oriented

  • Understand and maintain Small island Unity’s Mission and Vision

  • Role model

  • Knowledge of Caribbean culture


  • Basic knowledge of Google Drive

  • Basic computer knowledge

  • Previous experience of working with Children 

  • EHBO

  • Team player

  • Culturally aware

  • Knowledge of Kinder wet

  • Experience in budgeting


MBO or higher education 

  • PW MMZ is a plus 

Language Requirements

  • Proper command of Dutch and English (Written and Speaking)

  • Other languages are a plus


  • Handling Yearly event planning and scheduling.   

  • Execution of all Kids club-related foundation tasks.

  • Communication between parents and organisation. 

  • Care and monitoring of children

  • Constantly work to surpass the growth of your departments’ current attendees

  • Regular communication between parents & kids before, during and after all events.

  • Responsible for the management of budgets and funding for every event.

  • You're responsible for updating and check-ins with your team on all progress.

  • Have fun with an outgoing team expressing their love of each culture's differences and similarities.  

Pay range

  • Volunteer

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