Sponsorship Department

Job duties include meeting sponsors needs, managing renewals and negotiations, overseeing communication, aligning business and market needs, and overseeing sponsorship strategy and leverage planning. This career requires a strong background in sales and marketing.


  • Ability to lead and motivate a team (Must be a team player)

  • Good with budgets

  • Reliable/good at meeting deadlines

  • Experience in Sales

  • Good knowledge of marketing

  • Team player

  • Experience with contracts

  • Culturally aware

  • Knowledge and/or basic understanding of Microsoft office

  • Basic knowledge of google drive


  • Ability to use initiative

  • Empathetic

  • Adaptable to changes

  • Multi-tasker 

  • Good Communicator

  • Outgoing

  • Open-minded

  • Great decision-making skills


MBO or higher

  • Background in Sales + Marketing is a plus

Language Requirements

  • Proper command of Dutch and English (Written and Speaking)

  • Other languages are a plus


  • Manage and build relations between all sponsors and activities within the sponsorship department.

  • Developing the sponsorship strategy in line with the foundation’s objectives.

  • Overseeing the Sponsorship budget.

  • Working hand in hand with the Marketing department for brand management and identity. 

  • Planning and implementing promotional campaigns. 

  • Research and identify relevant events and tradeshows that support company goals and objectives.

Pay range

  • Volunteer