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Fantasy of Uni Line 

"Get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty and power of our Uni Line. They are the embodiment of grace, strength, and determination, and they're ready to show the world what they're made of. Uni represents the ocean, and just like the sea, our Uni Line is deep, mysterious, and awe-inspiring.

With their stunning costumes and fierce moves, they will make waves and rule the streets with their unstoppable spirit!"

Move like the ocean waves and select this line as your awe of inspiration.


Or select our instalment plan option starting at €150

Costume Package Includes:


>>>>> Small Back piece <<<<<<
>>>>> Two-piece bathing suit (one Piece optional) <<<<<<
>>>>> Arm & Leg pieces <<<<<<
>>>>> Crossover thigh pieces <<<<<<
>>>>> Headband <<<<<<

>>>>> Backpack/Goodie Bag <<<<<<
Breakfast before parade <<<<<<
Catered Drinks (alcoholic & Non) & Snacks on the road <<<<<<
>>>>> Choreographed Dance Routine <<<<<<
SocaSize Session <<<<<<

>>>>> Barricaded rope from outside intervention <<<<<<
>>>>> Great Speaker System <<<<<<

>>>>> Photographers and Videographers <<<<<<

>>>>> Plate of Caribbean Food After Parade <<<<<<
 Automatically registered for the SIU goes NottingHill Carnival 2023 <<<<<<
International Djs and Performers <<<<<<
Security During Parade <<<<<<


+++++MUCH MORE!!!

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